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Find out what you need to know about Employment Drug Screening Tests

Nowadays, employment drug screening tests have become part of the pre employment process. Companies, especially the Human Resources department, have made it a point to require employment drug screening tests for job applicants before getting hired. At the same time, some companies subject their employees to employment drug screening tests annually. These employment drug screening tests are usually conducted during the annual full physical exams.

If you ask, the majority of Fortune 500 corporations conduct their employment drug screening tests. So you ask, what is the importance of employment drug screening tests? Companies require such tests for safety reasons. Companies are simply being cautious with the effects that drug abuse can leave them. For one, drug abuse in the workplace can lead to many negative actions like absenteeism, tardiness, work attitude, theft, productivity, crime, violence, and turnover. The company is simply preventing these issues to happen in their organization.

According to statistics from the US Labor Department, there are around 75 to 100 billion dollars a year that are wasted in lost time, health care, accidents, and employee’s compensation. At the same time, accidents on the job that are related to drug or alcohol take up 65 percent. Some of these abusers utilize health care benefits that are 16 times more than the average person.

Such employment drug screening tests are proven to be valuable. A national testing laboratory has reported that back in the year 1987 there were 18.1 percent from the tested employees that resulted positive. By the year 1997, it dropped to 5.4 percent.

What companies need to know when creating programs for employment drug screening tests is that they should establish a set of policies and procedures first. It is important to clearly state that these employment drug screening tests are a requirement for employment. Without such policies, employees may not submit themselves to employment drug screening tests. At the same time, if employment drug screening tests are to be conducted for current employees, there should be a plan or training and education for discipline in case an employee gets a positive result.

These employment drug screening tests are done through two methods. One is sending the applicant to a certified laboratory where a urine sample is collected. The second method is through instant test kits that are sold in the market today. These tests kits are accurate as those done in the lab. At the same time, these are cheaper than the laboratory tests. However, in the event that the employee gets a positive result, it will be useless because it requires a laboratory confirmation. Thus, those tested positive should be immediately sent to the laboratory to provide another urine sample for confirmation, retention, and analysis. Employees are tested against the usual street drugs known as Marijuana or THC, opiates, cocaine, PCP, and amphetamines.

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