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Stop Using Drugs or You will fail the Pre Employment Drug Screening

The pre employment drug screening is an important procedure carried out by most companies today. This has been legal for years as demanded by employers. Hence, if you are off to an employment application, you should be ready for the drug tests and background search by the company or by a respected investigative firm.

As important conditions for employment, drug tests make most drug users fail to qualify for their aspired position. So if you are presently consuming or abusing drugs, better stop it to make sure that when you undergo the pre employment drug screening, there will be no hassles in passing.

Some college students who want to look for part time or first job are usually scared to go through the pre employment drug screening as they are guilty with their history. In case you have already stopped using drugs, you should not be worried if you want to pass the tests. Specific substances from drugs are eliminated from the body depending on certain factors. For sure, they will in time be released out from your systems.

Drugs will totally be eliminated from your body systems depending on the drug’s half-life, fluid intake, tolerance, body size, metabolism, body fats, and other factors. The intensity, length, and method of the usage are also some of the most important aspects in purging drugs away from your body.
Once you are planning to take the drug tests, make sure that the substances are completely expelled from your body. Some last for hours while others last within months or even years, depending on your body system activities.

Some of the specific drugs that are often screened by several drug testing programs are the Cocaine, Cannabinoids, Amphetamines, Opiates, and Phencyclidine. In addition, there are other testing programs that include other popular drugs in the pre employment drug screening. These include the Hallucinogens, Methaqualone, Barbiturates, Inhalants, Methadone, Ethanol, Benzodiazepines, LSD, and Propoxyphene.

If you are not using drugs but are hanging out with those who do, you can also find yourself positive on tests. For some drugs, the second hand smoke can be inhaled or absorbed by your hair. Hence, you should keep away from these bad influences to make sure that you will pass the pre employment drug screening prior to your employment.

Moreover, medicated drugs can also allow irresponsible intake. Always watch out for the intensity of your intake on medicines like Ibuprofen, Nuprin, Vicks Nasal Spray, Midol, Neosynephren, Sudafed, Detromethorphan, and vapor rubs. Overuse of these drugs can also affect the results of your pre employment drug screening. The best thing is still to abstain from these ills.

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